Monday, March 07, 2005

First Fruit

First Fruit

It's been two years. But here's the first harvested lemon from the tree Lisa gave me two years ago for Father's Day.

Not enough for a lemon pie but still. I do have a recipe for lemon bread which takes the juice of one lemon for the glaze.

I'm sorta grounded today as my car is still with the mechanic. The problem hasn't been diagnosed yet. Walking to work hasn't been too bad. I'm more out of shape than I thought so I'd probably better continue walking even after I get my car back.

There are no yarn shops close enough to walk to, unless you count Michael's, so there won't be any browsing today. I just finished the Dulann neck warmer this morning and am considering what to take on next. Probably something from Knitting on the Road. Lisa tried on the Yukon Falling Leaves socks when she came over last night. They were a little loose but fit well enough. If I do those socks again I'll go down to a size one. Anyway, I'll start some socks and then probably work some on the brown vest I started last summer.

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