Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Oh, no! Not again!

This is not my original post. Blogger dropped the ball again. It's probably just as well since my original post was pretty cranky.

Not all of it. Here's the jist of what else I had to say. The new yarn shop in Monrovia is called Unraveled. I left off the "ed" yesterday. It's a neat space, a lot more boutique-y than most yarn shops I've seen. They're still working on getting some better lighting in the store so they're only open in the afternoon when there's plenty of sunlight coming in the large front windows.

There's a generous space off to one side when you first come in that is furnished with large over-stuffed chairs for people to just sit and knit, or crochet I suppose. Most of the yarn is on the opposite side of the store, at least at present. The walls are dark as is the hardwood floor. There is some exposed brick that show traces of the building's original use as a car dealer or garage. The ceiling is high and unfinished. Very trendy, or it was at one time. They will have a separate room for classes once they no longer need it for the yarns that are still waiting to be priced and shelved. I'm looking forward to seeing how the shop evolves.

The other stuff, the part I'm not rewriting, was about how Job probably didn't work in a yarn shop.

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