Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Watch your step!

Very busy day! I worked the Wednesday night class schedule today, covering for Nancy who is out of town. I was busy from the time I walked in the door until eight this evening.

We have a backdoor at Skein that we don't use except for mobility impaired people. When people leave by that door we always caution them about the small step as they leave. So all day long I'm telling people to watch their step. I wish I had had someone with me tonight as I was walking to my car to remind me to watch my step. I tripped on an uneven place in the sidewalk and in spite of my efforts to regain my balance I managed to fall. Not quite flat on my face but on my left cheek bone. My glasses were bent but not broken. A couple of small cuts above my eye and my left eye is bloodshot. I think I'm okay. A little pain in my left wrist but I don't think it's serious. I don't think anyone saw me so my dignity is pretty intact. I just hope I don't have a black eye in the morning.

I finished the neckband on the shop sample sweater but I'm going to have to take it out and redo it. It's a little too floppy. Two steps forward, one back.

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