Friday, November 26, 2004

The day after

I know I said last night that I'd never eat again. But I just can't help it. I was so pleased with the egg braid (the other one was much prettier) that I can hardly wait to cut into this one. I do have a few containers of leftovers from last night's Thanksgiving dinner. One of them is bound to contain something that will go well with this. Actually, I'm probably going to give this to Lisa to take home with her, along with the carrot bread. I may have to sample the carrot bread first though.

Having a Thursday off is very disorienting. But now that I've figured out that it's Friday I'll be okay. Only five hours today but I expect them to hectic. Well, the whole post Thanksgiving Day weekend is hectic. I know of a couple of people that are coming in this weekend that I'll be sitting and chatting with.

The scarf I started for a birthday/Christmas gift may have to go to someone else. I talked with that person yesterday and, very slyly, found out that she is somewhat allergic to mohair. But I have 18" of 60" done so I'm not stopping now. I'll have to look through the Stash and see if there's any 100% synthetic something. If not, Michael's is only three blocks from here. Lord knows they have lots of synthetic.

I got a nice email from thanking me for being such a great customer. I think I bought a book from them sometime last year. Anyway, they're so pleased with me that I can get free shipping if I just order something from them. Isn't that nice? Well, I did look at their book selection. It's kinda messy finding the page but I found ten or so books that I'm putting on my wish list. The prices are better than Amazon. They don't have that handy wish list thing that Amazon has though so you have to write it down and give it to the person most likely to buy you something. I'm going to see if they have any good deals on juicers.

I've heard about a new yarn shop that opened in Monrovia, just a few miles from here. I haven't been yet but I'm hoping to make it over there on Monday. Extreme excitement abounds. I hear they carry lots of Mountain Colors.

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