Tuesday, November 23, 2004

No pictures and barely any knitting

In a couple of weeks I'll have my new glasses. I had no idea how much my eyes had changed in the past four years. I thought they were just tired from overuse. So I'm looking forward to seeing clearly again. The last time I bought frames through Kaiser there wasn't much selection if you wanted the ones that were covered by the insurance. They've changed the way they do things so now I could select anything I wanted and they apply a fixed discount, at least that's how it works if you're a senior citizen. I picked out five or six frames that I liked but most of them were too small for the tri-focals I must have. But I was pleased with the ones I decided on.

Buying glasses though is a lot like buying tires. Everything is extra. But I really need the UV coating and this time I'm getting a special coating that will make driving at night a lot easier. It's supposed to eliminate a lot of the glare from headlights. That'll be nice.

It wasn't as crazy busy today at Skein as it was last week. But I did have four students. Unfortunately they all came at the same time and all needed some pretty close monitoring. I guess I understand why so many beginners want to knit with the novelties, especially the really furry, fuzzy ones. I really wish they wouldn't do that. Half of the time I can't even see where the stitches went to so I know they don't have a clue. And then there are those who have been learning from a friend or relative who is maybe a day or two more experienced.

I'm glad I bought Annie Modesitt's Confessions of a Knitting Heretic. I've had quite a run of people who knit in the eastern uncrossed or combination manner. There are a lot of knitters from Eastern Europe and a few from South America who knit in this way, or with slight variations. I understood what they were doing in a kind of intuitive way but Annie's book lays it out very nicely and I feel a lot more comfortable helping these knitters.

So, how are your Thanksgiving preparations coming along? I went to the market yesterday because I was practically out of everything. I don't have to do anything for Thanksgiving myself. I forgot that you can get a free turkey if you spend at least $75.00 at one time. I could have qualified for two. There were so many specials that it just wasn't possible to pass them up. So now I have this turkey which I don't need but I also have a lot of coffee and oatmeal.

I love Thanksgiving week. People are starting to get all holidayish and are generally cheerful and excited. A couple of weeks from now it may be a different story.

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