Tuesday, November 16, 2004

And now it's Tuesday

This is the beginning of the third week that I've had this cold. I think it's the same cold but it could be a new one. Sitting as close as I do to people all day I could have picked up a new one. Anyway, if I had good sense I'd stay home today. But I'm one of those people pleasers who doesn't like to disappoint others. So, since Tuesday is a big day for students, I'll go in. And I am going to a concert tonight.

I worked most of the night. I woke up every fifteen minutes it seems like. I was helping someone with a toe-up sock. Very irritating pattern that didn't make much sense but the person insisted that it was essential to do exactly what the pattern wanted. Usually if I wake up whatever I'm dreaming goes away. Not this time. I can't figure out why we'd want to make a sock with velour and have to continually adjust the number of stitches using decorative increases and decreases. But I must say I was very impressed with my flexible bind off.

I did finish the back of the brown double moss stitch vest and have cast on and worked a few rows on the left front. But no pictures until it's done.