Monday, November 15, 2004

Well, it's Monday

Now that I'm on the winter schedule at Skein, six days a week, this is really an important day. I'm happy to not have anything scheduled. I'm planning to knit most of the day. We've been so busy at Skein that I haven't had much energy in the evening to work on my own projects.

Currently I'm trying to finish this double moss stitch vest that I started last spring. The yarn is from Unger. I think they're out of business, at least under this name. This is the kind of project that you can work on for hours and still be in the same spot.

And I finished the Midwest Moonlight scarf on Friday night.

From Scarf Style by Pam Allen. Designed by Ivy Bigelow. Lots of people like this scarf and have asked it they're getting it for Christmas. I used Grignasco's Sweet Print. Nice yarn. Easy to work with and it's machine washable. Oh, and I got it on sale.

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