Friday, April 11, 2003

When I used the weather as an analogy yesterday I didn't really expect anything to happen. But it did. It's been in the mid to high 80s all week long and now, without any prior warning, we are in the midst of gloom. I don't think it will even get into the 70s today and rain is predicted for Saturday and Sunday. This is Southern California, for crying out loud, it's not supposed to rain this time of year! Maybe it won't. You just have to wait another five minutes.

A most excellent night at bowling. My team is not the strongest in the league. We generally hover around last place, up a notch, down a notch. But sometimes we just get it right. (Or the other team just gets it wrong.) For the past three weeks we've been pretty good, winning all the games except one last week. Not that we're ever going to get to first place but it's nice when you beat the top teams. And I have to say I was really pleased with my perfomance last night. I had my first 600 series of this league. I may have won some money in the sidepot. I didn't wait to find out but even if I don't win any money my last game was a big thrill. And it was just what we needed to win by 2 pins.

I'm waiting for the prospective employers to get back to me with their offer. I talked with the CFO yesterday and he said they hadn't had time to "put a pencil to it". (Don't you just love jargon?) Anyway I'm still waiting to see what they are going to do. So at least for another week I'll be able to squander my time, reading blogs, taking walks and generally avoiding household chores.

And there isn't any news on the knitting front. Didn't pick up the needles at all yesterday. I'm going to Skein today and will take the nearly mindless scarf, and the Regia socks, to work on. I hope I have some fun people to work with today. Since I teach drop-in lessons I never know for sure who's going to be there.

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