Sunday, April 13, 2003

Another weekend of riotous living comes to a close. Turned the heel on the second sock of Regia self-patterning yarn. Woo yay! Skein was pretty quiet, especially today. My friend Carole came in and we went to a baby welcoming party after the shop closed. We didn't know anyone there except the new mom and her husband (only slightly) so we didn't stay very long.

Lisa came over on Friday night and we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant. Lisa likes sushi; I do not. Ann Mary says Lisa probably like raw fish because she was born in Korea. The logic escapes me. Anyway, Lisa picked up the Easter vest. I wasn't all that pleased with how it looked. I think it's too big. Maybe it just needs the right outfit. And she admired the new socks.

Today I took a couple of friends for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. One of them helped me with my income taxes so this was sort of a thank you lunch. I've known this guy for about ten years; we used to work at the same company. The company he was working for folded a couple of weeks ago so he's kind of at loose ends right now. He's been making noises about me teaching him to knit so maybe that will happen in the next few weeks. That could be fun. I really get a kick out of turning people on to knitting. I showed him one of the socks I had just completed to tempt him.

Yesterday a couple of women came in late in the afternoon. A mother/daughter duo. The daughter wanted to make one of the scarves from a recent issue of Martha Stewart's magazine. I guess she'd never been in a yarn shop before and she did not know how to knit but her mother was going to get her started. She freaked when she saw the prices. She kept asking if there wasn't some way she could make the same scarf, that would look just as good, for less money. Her mother kept telling her that nice yarns are expensive and that's just the way it is. So we finally got something together she could live with, price-wise, and then went on to the needles. Unfortunately we didn't have the size she needed in bamboo. We only had plastic. Well, that wouldn't do. She said she just wanted the whole thing to look more Asian. And bamboo was the only thing that would do. She wouldn't buy the yarn without the needles so that was the end of that. Sometimes it's so tempting to play the yarn-snob card and just send them off to Wal-Mart.

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