Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I have a conflict of interests. As both of you will recall, I spend on average three hours a day reading blogs and sometimes the very witty comments that folks leave here and there. I'd call that a major interest. But then, also recall, I have just discovered that I really like to knit socks. But knitting socks is not something I can do while my mind is involved with other people's lives. At least not yet. So it was very stressful this morning trying to decide which to do. So I worked out a compromise. I did laundry instead. Well, actually, I read about a third of the blogs and then started the laundry and then tried to work on a new sock.

I've really been wanting to start these socks. I have the Cascade Fixation and even have the pre-approval from Lisa. So I got started and worked the first seven rows. The yarn is very, very stretchy but I can cope. The problem is my gauge is too tight. And the other problem is, I don't seem to have any size 3 dpns. I would have sworn that I did. I thought about going to Skein to get some but there was the laundry going and besides I'll be there on Wednesday. So end of that project.

Fortunately I have some other sock yarn. What foresight! So I've started the basic sock from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks book. I'm using some Plymouth Sockotta and it's looking very good. Too late tonight for a pic and I only have about four inches done on the first one. So maybe in a day or so. I did finish the second sock of the Regia self-patterning yarn. They're almost identical which pleases me no end.

Fun time at Joanne's tonight. She finally got started with the weaving class. I'm not doing any weaving myself but it was nice to sit there as Joanne went through the opening session. Loom parts and terminology. And then the fiber selection for the first project. She has a warp winding machine that makes that part so much easier than using a warping board. Anyway, it felt good just to hear all the stuff again even though I don't weave anymore. I just worked on my new sock.

And then I came home and read the rest of the blogs. So I'm up to speed and ready for tomorrow's news. And I think I can handle K2 P2 ribbing while I read.

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