Tuesday, April 22, 2003

It was a beautiful day in Long Beach. The air was clear and and a little cool. Alamitos Bay Yarn Company is right on the water. From the front you look out over the marina where all the private sail boats are moored. Behind the shop is the channel where the small fishing boats come and go. We walked around for a while and enjoyed the sights. Inside the shop they have some marvelous samples made up in most of the yarns they carry. The Trendsetter samples alone are worth the trip. I bought some Crystal Palace dpns in an 8" length. My other dpns are 6". I just want to see if these are easier for me to use. The shorter ones are forever poking me in the palm of my hand. Haven't tried them yet. I also got some Opal sock yarn and two different skeins of Sockotta.

We stopped at Forget Me Knot in Bellflower. I've been looking for a particular Paton's sock pattern book but they didn't have it. I did get one that has a pattern for a different heel that I want to try. I also got some Trekking sock yarn in two different color ways. Then we went to Stitches in Time, also in Bellflower. Still no pattern book but I got two more skeins of Trekking in two more color ways and some Fortissima Colori. So I have enough new yarn for 8 pairs of socks.

I'm almost done with the TV only socks and tonight at Joanne's I turned the heel on the first sock of the Basic socks. Worked a few rows on the Fast Florida pair as well. I'm going to go work on them some more right now.

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