Saturday, April 26, 2003

I'm about two weeks behind in my blog reading. I was going to try to catch up tonight but have decided to start another sock pattern instead. I've been working on a pair using Sockotta but we don't have any more of that yarn. So I want to work on something that we do have at Skein. So I'm going to start the Mexico sock, Fortisimmo Colori, since we just put this yarn out today.

I've been wanting to make this sock since I first saw the yarn. I picked some up last Tuesday when Carole and I went to Long Beach. I didn't know that Ann Mary had ordered it. So I paid full price just so I could have it, instead of using my store credits and employee discount. Drat! Anyway, I want to get enough done tonight so I can start to show it tomorrow afternoon at Skein.

I finished the first of the Fast Florida socks and Lisa tried it on last night. I think it's a little short so I'm going to make another pair. The first one will be used as a shop sample and I'll get another ball of Fixation to replace what I've already used. I forgot to take a picture before I took the sock to Skein but I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow and get one then.

It was busy all day at the shop. I had students most of the day so didn't get much chance to help Ann Mary with paying customers. We're still having problems getting all the needle sizes we need. Lots of back orders out there. Especially bamboo circulars. I hate when I've just sold someone a heap of yarn and then don't have the needle size to go with it. I think Ann Mary is a little timid about the quantity to order. I figure they'll sell eventually and the price just keeps going up, so get'em while you can. But none of this is up to me.

We didn't have much time to chat with each other until late in the day. Ann Mary's biggest concern right now is how long the current craze for knitting will last. I saw a couple of media references last fall that said it was over. Seems they were wrong, at least for now. We're still amazed at the number of people who are just discovering scarves and all the frilly stuff they can be made with. Not a day goes by. And every day we get new customers who are just discovering we're there, almost four years now. The day ended on a really high note with a big sale to a crocheter who is about to be converted to being a knitter.

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