Monday, April 28, 2003

Did you see it? On this evening's News Hour with Jim Lehrer there was a feature on blogging. The narrator mentioned "even knitting" as one of the subjects that people blog about. And as a graphic they used Erica's blog. It was only on the screen for a couple of seconds but there it was. How 'bout that? Well, I thought it was exciting. Perhaps not up there with celebrity knitting or knitting haiku(s), but still. Maybe there'll be another range war similar to the Staples one over the use of the dismissive "even". I sure hope so. We haven't had a good controversy for several days now.

I took a picture of the just completed socks that I made while watching the news. But it was so far off I've decided to wait until I can take it outside. Maybe tomorrow. I got a few mores rows done on the Mosaic scarf. And tonight I'm spending some time on the Sockotta sock. That's it for now. Time to go watch Manor House. I hope it's better than the commercials have been.

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