Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Went to Skein today for my regular Wednesday afternoon stint and also to buy the size 3 dpns that I need to make the Fast Florida socks. There were no size 3s on the rack. Ann Mary found some in the back but just as she was getting ready to ring them up I found the two pair that I own. There in the bottom of my plastic Aguaya Salon bag along with my everyday knitting paraphenalia. So as soon as I finish this I'm going to try the Fixation yarn again.

I've been working on a scarf for the shop that uses Berroco's Mosaic FX. For all intents and purposes it's identical to Plymouth's Eros. Today Ann Mary showed me a bag of Eros that is exactly the same color as the Berroco I'm using. The Eros has twice the yardage and is only about 50% more than the Mosaic. Go figure! Then later in the day the Plymouth rep was in and showed us some of their new yarns. They have the same yarn as one of our high end companies with more yardage and a better price. I don't think Plymouth's colors are quite as nice as some of the higher priced yarns, but they're getting better. They have a new one called Electra that is really beautiful. It's one of those tufted yarns with a thin carrier strip. Saw a sample knitted up and it really has a nice drape.

And speaking of the scarf. I've ripped it more times that just about anything I've worked on in recent memory. I keep grabbing the top of the stitch in the row below and not realizing it so I end up with more stitches. Now I'm making myself count every row as I knit it. Tedious but effective.

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