Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The big news is that my archives are back! I lost them when I upgraded to Blogger Pro and have not been able to get them back, no matter what combination of code and profanity I used. Yesterday they just reappeared. So I figured it was just one of those things that Blogger gets around to eventually. It turns out though that it was the Easter Bunny. Bless her! Lisa said she had stumbled across the coding and fixed it for me.

I've been wondering when I started my blog so getting my archives back was a help. I still don't know exactly when I started but it seems it was more than a year ago. So happy, belated bloggiversary to me!

Didn't get much knitting done yesterday, just finished the heel flap on my TV watching only socks. The rest of the day I spent cleaning windows. Man, is it ever bright in here this morning! I still have the other side of the house to do but I'm not going to get to it until maybe Thursday.

My friend Carole and I are going to Long Beach to revisit Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. I haven't been there is a while. We'll also stop at a couple of places in Bellflower, neither of which have web sites. Carole is on Spring Break so we just want to get out for a change. I want to see what other shops are carrying and if they have any sock yarns.

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