Monday, March 31, 2003

So, the socks fit perfectly. Lisa was really tickled with them. Happy about that and plan to make more. In fact, I worked so long on the newest pair that my finger, the one I use to push the stitches off with, felt like it had been caught in a door. I can't remember ever working on size 2 needles or with yarn this fine. But I am really liking it. I went to Border's to see if they had the two Vogue On The Go sock books (I have a gift certificate) but they didn't have them. I didn't see anything else that I had to have so I'll wait until they have them in stock again.

I was really busy yesterday with new students and a couple of continuing ones. Tom, the new guy that started last weekend, came in again. Poor guy is really struggling with forming the stitches. He keeps grabbing both legs of the stitch and so he ends up with an extra loop and a screwed up stitch. I've shown him several times what he's doing wrong and he seems to see that, but I don't the think he really understands how the stitches are formed. He's gripping the needles so tightly that they're bowed. He was doing better by the time he left yesterday.

Skein itself was not all that busy but there were a few big sales that made up for the lack of traffic. We're still getting new customers that just can't believe that the shop has been there almost four years. The new spring and summer yarns are doing well and more stock has already been ordered. But the slow season is coming. It's already pretty warm here and once we switch to daylight savings time things will get even slower.

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