Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I felt like doing some housecleaning this morning but I recovered and did some swatching instead. I was planning to go to see Doris and do a three needle bind off for her but she called at the last minute and said her daughter was bringing her to Skein today. So since I was already ready to go I went to Skein early. Doris came in and I did the bind off and then showed her the new yarns. She ended up getting some of last winter's yarn. I just love how she rolls her eyes when she sees the prices.

I had four students all at the same time this afternoon. Three of them were learning how to shape shoulders and necklines. The fourth one was learning how to rip, one stitch at a time. I had taken about four different projects that I thought I might be able to finish but none of them got very much attention. So I'm going to do a little now and then check out the latest news. And I still need to do the cleaning.

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