Monday, March 03, 2003

Monday again! Probably my favorite day since it's my one day that I don't have to go anywhere or do anything. Not even laundry! So I usually spend most of the day online. I'm more likely to write comments or follow up on links on Monday. I have a couple of friends who complain that I'm "always on the computer" and they can't reach me. But neither of them have offered to fund DSL for me. So I've knitted most of a new London Beanie while I read the blogs and my email.

Sometimes I feel like I should be doing more challenging things. I think I've mentioned this before. But I really enjoy making hats and trying out random color combinations. As soon as I finish the current hat I'm starting another one in a different yarn at a different gauge.

I also remembered a pair of socks that I started a year or so ago. Think I'll see if I can find them and work on them for a while. I need to get Lisa's foot size so I'll know when to stop. These are from a kit that is put together by a friend. They're sold under the name Country Trunk and use a combination of Mountain Colors and Plymouth Galway. She also does mitten kits. Since I've been helping so many people with their socks I think I can muster the courage to make some myself.

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