Sunday, March 23, 2003

I'm pretty sure the ants have been reading my email and the comments on my blog. The day after I got all those excellent suggestions on how to deal with them, they disappeared. Who knew they were computer literate? Anyway, I have a goodly supply of red pepper so I'm going to try that first. I saw a big batch of them this morning hiding in the ivy on my balcony. I wonder, if I dropped a bunch of flyers telling them it's useless and they should just surrender or give up, if they would come out waving a white flag. Or maybe I'll just get a can of Black Flag.

I got to see the new baby on Saturday. What a pleasure! Obviously he's the cutest thing I've seen in years. He was sleeping so I didn't get to hold him. He sorta woke up before they left. And the mommy brought her newest knitting project, a sweater vest from the Vogue On the Go Baby Book. It was cute too. I hope I get a picture of him soon so you can all see.

It was pretty calm both Saturday and Sunday. I did have a couple of students today. One of them is making her first sweater and is so excited about it. I think her husband is getting a little jealous of her new hobby. At least he teases her a lot about it. The other student, a man, has never tried anything like this before. Has never done any kind of needlecraft. But he had heard about the "therapeutic" nature of knitting and thought it was something he would like to try. It was a struggle but I think he'll get the hang of it before too long. After about an hour he was already commenting on knitting's addictive qualities. I was a little embarrassed because I thought he was someone's husband who had come looking for his wife. (He really did look a lot like the husband of one of my students.) I can't imagine what he thought about all the ladies sitting around talking about circumcision.

So I'm started on a new pair of socks using some of the faux fair isle yarn. And I've started the Gunniston cap aka the skin tight skull cap. And no, I haven't finished any of the other things I said I was going to.

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