Saturday, March 15, 2003

Rain! we have lots of rain and are expecting more, depending on which news service you read. But we had plenty today. It was a little bit of a negative for some folks but not every one stayed away. I think it was a pretty good day at Skein. I had three students, two of them were there for most of the day. The last one didn't arrive until shortly after four. I was supposed to leave in about half an hour but she had driven for forty five minutes in the rain to get there so I stayed an extra hour so she would be able to learn all the basics. Normally that would not be a problem. But I forgot that I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner and a concert (LA Chamber Orchestra). It all worked out though. We skipped the preconcert lecture and just enjoyed our margaritas and dinner. And the student was doing fine by the time I left.

I'm still fiddling my way through the socks. And the hat. I hope to finish tomorrow or Monday on both of these projects and then finish the Easter vest. Then, if it's still cool enough, get back to the cabled raglan sweater. Haven't touched that one in at least a month. And the gray merino sweater still needs to be finished. The shop sample shell is almost done. I'm only working on it while I'm at Skein so even though it's a really easy pattern it's taking a while to get done. (And I really don't like working with the yarn.)

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