Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Except for the grafting of the toes, the Country Trunk socks are done. And why isn't the grafting done? Because I can't Kitchener stitch for beans! I've redone one sock twice and the other one I'm going to undo and try to get it to look decent. I'll probably go to Skein this afternoon and see if Joanne can show me how. Or maybe call the designer and see if I can come over for a lesson. I can usually learn stuff from a book but this one just throws me. I've checked several books as well as online. They make sense but the results are not what I think they're supposed to be.

So I'm going to just ignore them until I get that resolved and work on the Gunniston cap (which I've been using as my computer knitting this morning) and continue with the very easy faux fair isle socks. I started another pair of simple socks using some DK scrap yarn from my stash. It's Orlon. That'll give you some idea of how old this yarn is. If you don't know what Orlon is, go ask your mom. I was watching the war and needed something to do. This yarn was out because I just dumped it out of a bag that I needed for the other pair of socks. And I had some DPNs at hand. Who knows if I'll get back to them any time soon. Depends on when I next watch TV.

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