Saturday, March 01, 2003

There was this faint buzzing sound and then nothing. Something has happened to my USB connection to my camera. We, Lisa and I, had just loaded some pics she took onto my computer. Then she took some pictures of me wearing my latest London Beanie. We tried to load the pictures and nothing would come up. The photo editing program seems to work but no images appear. So for the time being, no pictures.

From what I hear the adoption went okay and the new baby is home with his new parents. I have a baby blanket that I knit a year or so back that I need to get wrapped. Hope I get to see the baby soon. I'm wondering how the new parents are feeling after a couple of nights with a baby in the house.

I have two new students. They are recently retired school teachers and have been best friends since kindergarten. They were both born in Pasadena and have lived here all their lives. So far working with them has been especially nice. They both seem to appreciate my somewhat methodical approach to teaching knitting. And we're not doing scarves!

And then there's the other two new knitters I've been working with for the past week or so. They're so rhapsodic about knitting. They don't mind correcting mistakes and are so excited that they are learning how to do this. They've each planned enough projects to last them for the next six months. And purchased the yarn already.

Then there's my regular Friday afternoon doom and gloom knitter. This week was extra pitiful. Over and over with all the things that had gone wrong during the week and how that was making it hard for her to knit and couldn't I just do her bind off for her, etc. But she's a good customer so we put up with it. Although I did finally tell her she could choose to be happy if she wanted to. I think it went over her head.

Started a new shop sample. It's called "That Seventies Top" and uses a Meunch Yarn called Verikeri. There's not much to it except for the yarn which is a braided ribbon with gold metallic slubs every few inches. A little irritating to work because of the size 11 needles and the slinky nature of the yarn. I've only done about three inches of the six inch ribbing but people are suddenly discovering the yarn and we've sold a lot of it.

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