Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I went as far as I dared on the first sock and am just a little short of the toe shaping. I was going to start the second one when I discovered that I do not have another set of size 4 dpns. And I thought I had at least two of everything. Apparently I was misguided. So I set that aside and worked on the Easter vest instead. Now I realize I could have just transferred it to smaller needles but I don't always think of these things until I'm doing something else. But I really appreciated all the comments and encouragement.

Went to Joanne's tonight for our regular Tuesday. It was just the two of us. We spent most of the time comparing notes and quips about the various students we have at Skein, some of which we share. That was fun but not entirely nice. I got a lot done on the vest. And I found the other skeins that I had misplaced so I have plenty if I decide to add ribbing. Don't think I'm going to do that so I'll probably weave a scarf. Or how about another hat?

I found two skeins of Regia Jacquard that I forgot I had. I'm trying to work a gauge on size 2. Man, that stuff is tiny. I also got out my learn to knit socks book and read through it. Other than the ugly patterns it was pretty good. But it only shows one way of shaping the heel so I'm going to be doing some online searching. I already have a bunch of sites that I've saved. I'm still not saying I'm going to be making a lot of socks, I just want to be prepared, just in case. (I'm looking for some Koigu so I can make the Crusoe socks from the newest Knitty.)

Current hat project is a ribbed beanie in Rowan Aran Magpie, from stash. It is accidentally in the USC colors. So this hat will go to the father of the new baby. And I remembered a baby sweater that I have all but finished that will be perfect for the baby. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

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