Monday, March 10, 2003

Sock progress to date.

So it's a little blurry, it's a sock! This is where I am now, about twenty rows past the heel. The socks were designed by my friend Nancy Attix. The solid red color is Galway 100% wool from Plymouth Yarns and the multicolor stripes are Mountain Colors in four different color ways. The fuzzy stuff is Mountain Colors Feathers.

I hope I have enough of the multicolor to do the second sock. I'm going to finish the second set of repeats and then do the other sock. I can finish the toes and however much more I might need to do in the solid color.

Chris asked if I was addicted yet. I don't think so. There are a few things I need to work out. I have a learn to knit socks book that I'm going to dig out and see what other kinds of heels I can do and I need to try the toe up approach as well. I have some Opal Brazil that needs to be used but I'm not sure what gauge or needle size I'm looking at. Right now I think socks are a little too fiddly but I may change my mind if this pair comes out at all. There's a lot of weaving in of ends to be done. I'm pretty sure the next pair won't have all these yarn changes.

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