Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Finished another Beanie, this time using the decrease I got from Joe. It's still drying so no picture yet. I tried it on before I washed it and I really like the decrease. I discussed it with one of my knitterly friends who had checked out the image on Joe's blog. She also thought it looked better and was very impressed by the earflap hat. So I'm now decreasing on another hat and will use the same decrease but I will start the decrease a little sooner than before. I think the one that's still drying is a little too long.

Went to Joanne's for the first time in three weeks. She's been having some construction done and didn't want to have people over while her house was such a mess. It was nice to get together again. I started the socks I mentioned yesterday. So far so good. Didn't really make much progress as we spent a lot of time just chatting and catching up.

It rained today and is pretty cold, by our standards. So the orange Beanie is very handy.

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