Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today is L.A. County Fair day. My friend Judy and I will wind our way from the distant parking lot and into the once bucolic setting. Nowadays there's more of an open-air mall feeling to the whole place. We'll try to avoid being run into by the unruly kids and drunken adults. And try to stay cool. It's almost always hot in late September and this year is no exception. Plenty of asphalt and very little shade.

I'm not sure if we're going to see any animals. Mostly we're planning to see Lisa's exhibit, Education Expo, and then visit the Tapestry Hall where they have all the needlecrafty things. Visualize afghans and over-the-top sweaters and toys. (Skein was one of the sponsors for the speed knitting and crochet contests.) Maybe we'll hit one of the marketplaces. One of our customers yesterday said her granddaughter had purchased some alpaca at the Fair so maybe we'll see if there's still any left.

Meanwhile I've decided on my next big project. This jacket in color 7609. It's an easy pattern. Just moss stitch and a bit of shaping. Not sure when I can get started though. I'm trying to finish a sweater for Dulaan (one sleeve to go) and there are a couple of pairs of socks still awaiting their turn.

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