Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So much for the additional photos. Blogger is not available at the moment, at least the photo upload part.

Four students yesterday, one of whom started two pairs of socks. One for her mom and the other for her husband. That one's a secret. Another student was in to learn how to turn a heel. She'll be back today for the gusset. Just not enough time in the day. And another hat started, for the third time, by a different student. How to describe the fourth one? She's trying to teach herself, which is fine, but she sure didn't get it when it came to Kitchener grafting the shoulders together. So we redid that and got started on the hood of the sweater she's making. Showed her how to do a M1.

That doesn't sound like so much when I write it out but it really did occupy me most of the day. Holding hands can be slow sometimes. So I didn't finish the shop sample slippers or start the second sleeve of my current personal project. I did start it last night and have the twenty rows of ribbing done.

All this sock making has got me hankering to start a few pairs myself. Maybe it wouldn't hurt if I pick a colorful self-striping yarn and cast on. I'll take some with me today and see what happens.

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