Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Willpower. That's all that's keeping me going on the Sunset Wrap. The back and one front are done and the other front has 18 of the 106 rows done. I've long since memorized the pattern so all I can do is just keep knitting.

I had a very quiet Labor Day. Just me and the cat trying not to do much because of the heat. It's didn't break 100 yesterday but 98 is close enough to still qualify Labor Day Weekend as one of the hottest of the year, as usual. It was 100 on Sunday though. I went to my friend Robert's house where it was only 80 and he was complaining about the heat. So anyway, yesterday was quiet.

I have about an hour before I need to get ready to go to Skein so I guess I'd better go do some more orange rows.

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