Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I finished the Sunset Wrap. It's done but must be undone. Lisa tried it on and gave it her enthusiastic approval. I'm not happy with the shoulder seams. They draw in too much. So I'm going to take them apart and try sewing them together instead of crocheting them. The seams draw in somewhat in the photo in the magazine but I think I can do better. I might try a three needle bind off first just to see. I really don't like sewing and will avoid it if at all possible.

Meanwhile our Dulaan knitting group is getting back in gear. We have been meeting sporadically but we'll soon be back on our weekly schedule. There were only four of us yesterday. I guess some people have jobs now so they can't make it. I'm looking for some new volunteers.

This week should bring us lots of new fall yarns. Skein already has the newest Berroco yarns and the Katia is in house waiting to be put on the shelves. I've seen the new Tahki/Stacey Charles/Filatura di Crosa books. I hope the yarns arrive this week along with the Westminster/Rowan/Jaeger stuff. We got a lot of sock yarn last week. I was a little disappointed in the color selection. I had asked for brighter, more playful colorways. There are some nice colors but I'd have preferred something wilder.

Latest shop sample is a triangular, garter stitch shawl using Ironstone's Pizzazz. Not very interesting to knit but it will probably sell a lot of yarn. I've finished the first hank. When it's done I'll add some Trendsetter Ruffles (those faux abalone things that look like potato chips) along the outer edges. Maybe.

It has been a bit busier the last week or so. Probably because it's been in the 80s and low 90s for a few days. And school is back in session.

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