Monday, September 18, 2006

No matter how many times I've tried I'm not able to load photos from Blogger this morning. And I had a lot. Maybe later.

Not too much knitting this weekend. I started a new pair of socks on Saturday evening. By the time I stopped, my left wrist and thumb were really aching. So I took the day off yesterday. Well, until the evening. Worked a bit more on the sock and realized that it was causing my wrist to ache again so I switched to a sweater that's been in the works for several months. Much better. Using size 6US vs size 2US. And I notice I don't hold the needles quite the same way so there's more motion instead of the vice-like grip that I use when I'm knitting socks.

I'll work some more on the sweater today. After I do all the running around and errands that I need to do. Tonight I have to go to a homeowners' association meeting that I'm dreading. It might not be as bad as I anticipate because the one person who causes so much discord has indicated that he won't be there. That should help us stay on point and get it over in an hour or less.

Well, off to the post office and the market and to Petsmart for more kibble and stuff.

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