Friday, September 22, 2006

Sometimes my every day, thirty minute walk only takes twenty minutes. On other days it can take forty or forty five minutes. Whatever it takes, I do it every day. Well, except Mondays when I have to be somewhere earlier than other days. I don't particularly enjoy going for a walk. In fact, I'm always complaining to myself about how I don't want to go, but at the same time I'm lacing up my shoes and getting my headset on so I can listen to some music as I go.

It's sort of like tinking. I know I hate to do it but that it's something that I need to do if I want a good result. But the whole time I'm saying to myself, "Oh, I hate doing this. No one's going to know if there's a small mistake." On and on, over and over. But first thing you know, like walking, I'm done. Home again and back on track to reknit what I just took out.

Lots of my students seem to delight in hearing that I make mistakes. If they only knew! So I admit to a few mistakes now and then. It's encouraging in a perverse sort of way.

One thing I've noticed though. A mistake will almost always be at the beginning of a previous row, almost never at the end, so you have to tink at least two rows to get to the fix.

None of this is apropos of anything. It's just what I was thinking about as I was out walking this morning.

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