Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There. The Lorna's Laces Camouflage sock yarn I bought yesterday. I might already have this colorway tucked away somewhere. Or maybe I've just looked at it so often that I think I already have it. I didn't find it in a cursory pillage through my sock yarn stash but that's not conclusive. So I either have enough for one pair or two. There were other colorways that appealed but I had decided I'd only get enough for one pair so this was it.

I enjoy knitting socks. Well, I enjoy starting them. I can think of at least five pair that are waiting for me to finish. Some are nearly done; some are just to the heel on the first one. I haven't tried most of the more esoteric ways of knitting socks: magic loop, two-at-a-time on seven circulars, short row heels and toes done at the same time. I did once make a sock toe up. I could see doing that again. I resisted making socks for at least twenty years. Now I love it. Who knows? I may succumb to socks with a moebius cast on someday.

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