Monday, August 28, 2006

Lisa's having another birthday in a couple of days. Here she is holding the socks I knit for her. She loves them and says they'll be perfect with her red skirt. I knew she'd love the colors when I saw the skein. Just her favorite orangey color mix.

We went looking for a shushi restaurant but the two places we tried were closed. The one place we used to go isn't quite what it used to be so we didn't want to go there. We ended up having Mexican at La Nueva Posada. Lots of locals swear by this place and I don't know why. The food was just okay and the margaritas were overpriced. It must be the people watching experience. Now, that was worthwhile! And, no, I'm not going to go into detail.

We also went to Whole Foods. I'd never been. If I ever go there again I'll be sure to take a list. There's no way I could decide on the spot which of the many choices in nearly every category I'd want to buy. We really went just to browse but I found some soap I'd been looking for and some grapefruit shampoo that I didn't know I wanted.

I'm trying a new approach to my knitting projects. I'm not even looking at new patterns until I finish whatever it is that I'm working on. There are entirely too many projects that need to be finished. I did buy some more yarn last week that I'll show you when I can get a decent image. I already knew what I was getting it for and I had a lot of store credits that needed to be used. For the moment though I'm just focusing on the way orange wrap. Photos to come.

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