Friday, August 18, 2006

No post yesterday because I was preoccupied with a medical procedure that sort of left me drained. It was just a routine check-up but it involved a liquid diet for a whole day and then the procedure itself yesterday morning. And sleeping a lot to let the "just a little relaxer" wear off. Now I just have to wait for the people who know about these things analyze the snipped off bits and to tell me I'm fine for another three years.

I tried knitting on some socks for a while but couldn't stay awake long enough to make any progress. I'm fine today. I'll continue on my sock knitting this morning until it's time to get ready for my day at Skein. And I'll continue there as much as the class load permits. Fridays can be busy which I hope this one is. After we go on our harbor cruise next week we're going to spend some time in the yarn shop and that always means I need extra cash.

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