Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Missing the boat

Missing the boat

When I got home from Skein last night there was a message on my machine. "It's ll:30. The boat is waiting. Where are you? Maybe you're stuck in traffic." Pretty cryptic if you don't know about the harbor cruise. But if you do, and you're scheduled to go next week, on the 22nd, you get pretty upset. Well, at least if you're me.

The yarn shop that is arranging these harbor cruises is in the Marina in Long Beach. We've had plans to go since the middle of July, money paid and all. It was too late to reach anyone at the shop so I sent an email to the owner explaining the details of why I believed there was a mistake on their part.

I hadn't received a response by 11 o'clock so I called and was told that the owner is on vacation. Another of the owners would call me back. Which she did about two hours later. Everything is resolved and we're set to go next week as scheduled. The problem was caused by the person who took my reservation. She made a note on the 15th that should have been deleted when she rewrote my reservation on the 22nd. So they were expecting me yesterday and I guess someone else with a group of eight next week.

I'm feeling much relieved but I sure spent a lot of energy last night fussing and fuming about what had happened and what was I going to do about it. I kept telling myself that it was all going to be all right and that we'd still be able to go next week. Over and over. I hate it when I do that, but I always do.

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