Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The long day

The long day

Wednesdays are usually my best day, at least in number of students. I don't know what happened today though. Was everyone recovering from Mardi Gras? Are they holing up in anticipation of the rain we're supposed to be getting? Have they finally reached the saturation point of yarn stash? Whatever it was, they sure stayed away in droves today.

It's a ten hour day for me so when I only have four students it really goes slowly. I did have a few other quick question types. So I got a bit done on the new poncho that I started yesterday. I'm not going to call it a poncho though. I'm calling it a beach cover-up since ponchos are out. It'll be nice for summer, at the beach or not. I'm using some Cascade Sierra that I got four or five years ago on one of my yarn shop crawls. It was going to be a sweater for me but when I got ready to make the sweater I discovered I hadn't bought enough. After I figured out what the pattern problem was, the one I mentioned yesterday, I had enough done that I thought I might as well continue. It's an easy enough pattern that I can work on it while I'm at Skein and not go too far astray.

I made some progress on the St. Patrick's Day sweater this morning and will be able to spend several hours on it tomorrow. Maybe finish the first sleeve. That one needs too much attention to take out anywhere.

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