Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Before all those hats

Before all those hats

there was this sweater. I had planned to make it for my Olympics project but I ran into some problems.

I'm still not convinced that there isn't an error in the chart but the only way I could make any progress was to follow the chart as shown. You can't tell much from the image but there are some seed stitch diamonds in the pattern. On one row the chart shifts one stitch to the left and that stops the seed stitch. On the next row the seed stitch resumes and matches the new position of the stitches in the previous row. I don't know if this was intentional. The pattern doesn't say. It sort of makes sense in a wacky way. When I compare my knitting to the photos of the sweater there seems to be a slight shift. I can't tell for sure.

I do have quite a bit more done than in the picture. It's really a pretty easy stitch, just a series of yarn overs offset by ssk and k2tog. I started with the sleeves to use it as a gauge and that seems all right. Increases happen every six rows and they're a bit tricky to incorporate into the pattern. Most of the time I'm just working in St st until I have enough stitches for another pattern repeat.

I'm going to try to finish this in time for St. Patrick's Day. That'll depend on how many times I get distracted. Like today. I spent a couple of hours working on a poncho pattern for one of my students. There is an error in the pattern. Why do I always end up with pattern errors? Anyway, I worked the eight row repeat and found the missing instruction so I'll be able to pass that on tomorrow. I think I'll work another eight rows before I put it aside and go back to the sweater.

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