Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's here at last. I've been waiting for this book since Kay and Ann first announced that it was coming. A friend brought her copy in yesterday afternoon for me to see. It was like being in a nursery of newborns. "Look at that! Isn't that cute? Just precious!" All the ooh-ing and ahh-ing that went on around the table, each person trying to get her own private look at the book. I didn't get much of a chance alone with it so my friend insisted that I take it home to read last night. Which I did and thoroughly enjoyed.

It's true that I didn't read every word. Not the patterns. At least not in detail. But I will. These women are witty, charming and just plain good at what they do. It was bit like a hardcover version of their blog archives. Lots of what's in the book has already been covered to some degree on their blog but here those events are expanded and embellished. Like a photograph album of familiar faces and events, this book draws you in and you just want more.

I do have my own copy now. Another friend came in to buy some Tahki Cotton Classic to start the Mitered Square Blanket and brought in one of her copies of the book last night to share with me. I purchased one of her copies so I don't have to wait to order it. I stayed up way past my normal bedtime in order to finish reading. Of course, that was just a quick once over. I know I'll be going back for more and more. And I have lots of Cotton Classic on hand. Log Cabin Blanket, here I come.

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