Monday, March 20, 2006

Apparently it's Spring again. We're still having Winter. Well, winter as it's known in Southern California. Low 40s overnight and mid 50s (both F) during the day. When I went out for my morning walk it was still cold enough to make fog of my breath. I don't usually go out quite that early but it's been one of those kind of days.

I woke up at around 2:30 and when I still wasn't asleep again by 4AM I decided I'd just get up and knit. Pat the Cat is very confused. So I went out at around 6 for a very brisk walk. I think my over-indulgence last night is to blame.

I had dinner with my friend Robert for the first time since Christmas. I had already decided I would not burden him with any special dietary needs. I should have been more careful. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day a few days late. Corned beef, colcannon and glazed carrots followed by a banana/croissant bread pudding. We won't even talk about the wine. So that's what I think made me wake up so early. When you're getting used to eating only tiny bits of food, most of which is pretty plain, a meal like the one I had is bound to cause problems. So now I have a new resolve. Back to plain whole wheat with a couple of ounces of turkey and some unsalted broccoli.

Except today is Dulaan Knitting Day and Mendy always fixes something tasty.

It was cold last night at Robert's. I wore my red wool hat most of the evening even though we were inside. I had made a hat for Robert's room mate a couple of years ago and when he saw my hat it reminded him that the hat I had made for him was full of holes. You guessed it. That hat was made from some of the wool that I just threw out last week, the stuff that had been attacked by moths. So I guess the eggs were already in the yarn that long ago and I just didn't know it. Fortunately he had kept the hat wrapped in a heavy plastic bag since he discovered the holes so, we hope, nothing has happened to anything else.

I did manage some knitting this weekend. I took a break from Dulaan knitting and finished a feather and fan scarf that I started a few weeks ago. And I've added about eight more rounds on the beach cover-up that I'm making. Most everything I'm working on now is stuff that's just in progress and will be for a while. Not interesting enough to take a picture of. Besides I forgot to turn off my camera so the batteries are being recharged.

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