Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Maybe later. I have some photos to post but Blogger seems to be having a problem this morning.

I am completely obsessed with knitting for the Dulaan Project. If I try to work on some of my other projects I feel guilty, like I'm not doing my part. Yesterday I went to our weekly Dulaan gathering and knit from 9:30 until just after 3 in the afternoon, with a short lunch break. I've finished another three hats and am still working on another one. But I needed a change so I started another sweater.

I'm making another bottom up raglan using some Galway that I've had in stash for ten or twelve years. I decided I'd better get it out and see if it's been infected by the great moth attack. Everything if fine.

I really like how the Galway knits up. It's smooth and even. I'm using a size 7US to get a bit denser fabric since the sweater really needs to be warm. The color is almost magenta so I thought I'd add a mock cable rib to make it a bit more girly. I'm just about done with the initial ribbing and will start the lower body in a few minutes. Still have to decide if I want some of the cables to carry over into the body. I think I will since it'll make the knitting a bit more interesting but not slow me down too much.

If Blogger gets it together later today I'll add the pictures.

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