Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I could never climb a rope, or figure out why anyone would want to. We were required to take physical education though. PE was my bête noir all through high school. I never got above a C except for the year I played tennis. I only played tennis so I could switch my sixth period English class to third period because I wanted to take English from a particular teacher. You could only have PE in the sixth period if you went out for some kind of sport. So tennis it was. And I got an A even though I was, and still am, a lousy tennis player.

Anyway, when it comes to doing anything physical I'm not usually the person to volunteer or to be called on. Well, except for bowling. So what to do when it comes to installing a new DVD/VCR player. The hard part is not hooking everything up. I figure if I can install additional memory I can do just about anything. So that wasn't the problem. It was moving the entertainment center so I could get behind it to plug in all the wires.

I took my time and unloaded everything I could to make it lighter. I even dusted the top. You could have planted an herb garden up there. And then, because it had been sitting so long in one spot the cabinet had sunk pretty deep into the carpet. But after much groaning and grunting, and wriggling to and fro, I managed to rock the cabinet out far enough from the wall to get the old wires unplugged and the new ones plugged in. And everything worked just the way the manual said it would.

The next problem was getting the cabinet back. I came close but it's still not lined up with the old dents in the carpet. I have to wedge it closer. While I was at it though I cleaned out some old books and assorted memorabilia. I don't remember putting those twelve Christmas mugs up there behind all those art books. Or the slides of art work my students did when I was teaching at Cal State Fullerton. And what a surprise to find how many decks of Tarot cards I have, and the books to go with them. I don't remember getting that interested in Tarot and I'm not at all now. There was only one fiber related book, a 1917 issue of Needlecraft,a magazine I got when I was in Florida twenty years ago. And the winning recipes from the Camarillo Press-Courier, Sept. 23, 1980.

And then I finished another hat.

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