Friday, February 03, 2006

Say what?

Say what?

"You are not authorized to view this page." What kind of message is that? I can't read my own blog? I've received this message before but usually I can just try again and I can open my blog, or any other that produces this message. Tonight though nothing seems to break whatever lock is on my blog, if that's the right term.

Anyway I can still post even if there's not much to say. I did have a very busy day. Three of the five Monrovia Moms were is. Haven't seen them since before the holidays. It's almost like a party when they come in. They're fun, cheerful and enjoy knitting. I was able to spend some time with them before other people started to arrive. We're going to try to get the two missing members to join us some afternoon or early evening to do a little catching up.

I finished the second skein of Dune for the feather and fan scarf and then worked a bit on a sock. I'm ready to start the heel on that one. At home I have almost reached the toe of the second sock of a pair I started last fall sometime. I might work on that tonight or one of the other scarves.

The owner of Cascade Yarns was in today. He gave me a skein of their Peruvian cotton, Luna, to try. Skein doesn't carry Cascade as a rule. I think we should but Ann Mary seems to have a block about their yarns. About the only time we get anything from them is for a special order, except for Fixation which she does carry because she thinks people will want to make bikinis. Mostly we sell it for socks. I'll knit up a swatch of the Luna and show it to her. I don't know if it's a new yarn or not but I kinda like the way it feels so I hope it looks good in the swatch.

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