Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another day, another

Another day, another

year older. That's right, it's that time again. It's me, not my blog. This is not one of the big ones, just an ordinary one between the big ones. We had chocolate cake at Knit Night. My daughter will come over on Sunday to round off the event and then it'll be on to the next one.

I did go in to Skein today and taught a beginning crocheter. I'm only about a step ahead of her. And then I got her started on a knitted scarf. I had another new/returning knitter later in the day. And that was about it. I'm glad I went in because it's really hot here right now, mid 80s, and that's just not right for the middle of winter. Not good for the knitting business or for cleaning house.

I'm just about to the armholes on the raglan sweater I'm making, maybe four rounds to go and then I'll be able to do the sleeves, probably tomorrow. But I started another hat tonight using some Southwest Trading Company Optimum. On sale for $6.00 a ball, marked dowm from $26.50. Now that's a sale! I guess SWTC decided to discontinue the yarn and is getting rid of it as fast as it can. It's a nice yarn, soft but firm to knit. It'll be a warm hat and I have four different colors.

Things seem to be working well with my new computer although there are a few side issues that still need to be fixed. It's really nice to be able to open links without having the thing freeze or give me a message about how it doesn't have enough space to do the thing I'm asking. I also have to mail in all those rebates before it's too late.

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