Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Inside this box

Inside this box

are some of the best brownies I have ever eaten. A birthday/Valentine combo from a couple of students. They're like fudge in the middle with a cake coating on the top and bottom. I've been having one a day but now I can't have any more.

I went to Kaiser this afternoon for a diabetes diet class. Not that I have diabetes just yet but I'm on the way. Unless I radically alter my diet and get more exercise. I can do this but giving up chocolates is going to test my endurance. And pasta isn't going to be much easier although I can have that in limited amounts. So, I'll take the remaining brownies to Thursday night knitting and enjoy them vicariously.

It took a very long time to get Blogger to open tonight. Yesterday was the same thing. I hope this isn't permanent. Is anyone else having this problem?

Very little knitting today since I was in that meeting for a couple of hours and then I had a table full of students when I got back to the shop. I did finish another hat tonight after I got home but I've already wrapped it and didn't take a picture first. It's a gift for another student. If she'll let me I'll get a picture of her wearing it and post it later.

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