Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh, bother!

Oh, bother!

I have some pictures I want to post but Blogger isn't cooperating this morning. So I'll save those for later.

It's been a great birthday weekend. My own private Christmas really, without the bother of putting up and taking down a tree. People are generous in word and deed. Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes.

It's hard to believe it's the middle of February. I look at the photos of all the snow that fell over the weekend and wonder how that can be. It's still in the mid-eighties here is Southern California. It could be May or June. All the windows are open and I'm even considering getting out the fan.

I've run into a snag with my Olympic project. (I know. I'm not officially participating but I thought it would be fun to see if I could manage a whole project in sixteen days.) I should have swatched beforehand but I waited until Friday night. And it was going well. But there's a problem with the chart. Or I think so. I'm going to rip back about ten rows and try the chart again but I'm pretty sure there's a row missing or there's a symbol that shouldn't be there. I may just have to make an executive decision a change the chart to what I think it should be. And then figure out what that does to the remaining rows.

I tried to find an errata page for the book A Close-Knit Family by Melissa Leapman with no success. It may be that the book is too old. Meanwhile I'm continuing with Dulaan projects. I may just change my Olympics knitting to hats for Mongolia. I've already finished one and have another almost done. I know some others are doing this. And I can see how it would be a two birds one stone sorta thing.

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