Friday, September 09, 2005

Minor changes

Minor changes

Not much has happened around here for a couple of days. It did suddenly become autumn, relatively. Down to 80F today from 90F the day before and supposedly it will be a few degrees cooler tomorrow. Even a couple of early students today complained of how cool it was. Jackets and shawls are coming out in preparation.

I got my car back after three days. It was expensive. But it's nice to have it again. so far, no new problems.

It was sort of quiet yesterday at Skein but today was better. I had three students all making my ribbed shrug. We've pretty much sold through the yarn it was designed for, Berroco's Zen in the multi-color ways. Now I'm going to make a shop sample using Trendsetter's Fatigues, one of their new yarns. It's going to just be a very simple, easy to do, cropped top with a small capped sleeve. No edge finishing. Just sew up the sides and shoulders. I still need a few more inches on the drapey vest.

So, not much new. Just variations on the same old things.

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