Friday, September 16, 2005



The things you have to do! Spent an hour or so yesterday babysitting a five month old little girl, the daughter of one of my fairly frequent students. Not exactly babysitting but holding her so her mom could knit. She's a cute thing and just about as sweet and well behaved as I've ever seen.

I'm not one of those people who really responds to babies except maybe in some kind of abstract way so I don't get all excited when I see one. But I couldn't stand that the mom was trying to cast on and knit with some size 17US needles while holding her child in front of her. I didn't actually ask if I could hold Emma but when the mom offered I took her up on it.

So, it was kinda fun after so many years. Not something I'm planning to repeat any time soon. But Emma is cute and makes the funniest faces.

Not much happening on the knitting scene. Just some plain knitting on a sock and some rows added to the current multi-directional scarf.

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