Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A change of plans

A change of plans

Sometimes it's hard to plan ahead. I was going to come home and get a couple of photos of what I'm working on and write a little about them. But I ended up staying until closing tonight because Ann Mary told me after I got to Skein that she needed to be away part of the afternoon. Her son came in to run the register while she was gone but he doesn't know anything about yarn or knitting. So I stayed.

And that turned out to be okay since I had five students who all arrived an hour or so before I would normally have left. The shop wasn't very busy so I could work with my students and at least greet the few shoppers who came in.

So no photos and no knitting during the day.

I did start another new project yesterday. My bi-polar student asked me if I would knit her a long scarf. She had already started but was really having problems with the yarn she chose. She gave me a pile of yarn in exchange. Mostly fuzzy, fluffy stuff that I would not normally use. But there is one hank of Cherry Tree Hill ribbon that is quite worthwhile.

I also knit a swatch for a new sweater for Lisa and then revised a pattern from the Vogue Easy Knits book to match my gauge. Haven't started that one yet.

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