Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dulaan, dulann, sha-na-na

Dulaan, dulaan, sha-na-na

Many of you know about the Dulaan Project and it's goal of warming Mongolia with hand knits and fleece blankets. The 2006 drive is underway and, I hear, off to a good start.

I was surprised to read yesterday that Ryan's "Cuzzin Tom" is being returned from Mongolia to the US. You can read about it here. I hope this turn of events doesn't adversely affect the Project itself.

I ordered a couple of things from Cafe Press. A tee-shirt in organic cotton and a tote bad. They're both really big. I'm hoping the tee will shrink a bit when I wash it. I haven't transferred my knitting stuff from my Fiesta Yarns tote bad to the Dulaan bag but I will, soon.

The week got off to a slow start at Skein yesterday. I'm hoping for lots of students today and for the next week or so to make up for the amount of money I've spent on my car. I'm still working on the droopy, drapey vest for my shop sample project. And I have a few pairs of socks in process for when I'm home.

Patrick is just hoping it cools off soon. Actually this is one of his favorite sleeping positions. I kept waiting for him to fall off of the chair but he managed to stop and turn the other way. It is supposed to be much cooler by the weekend, even down into the seventies. That's hard to imagine since it's still in the nineties today.

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