Thursday, September 15, 2005

No is not an option

No is not an option

Patrick, my cat, is obsessed with being brushed. He would be happy if I did nothing but brush him all day. Right not he's head bumping me to stop what I'm doing and brush him some more. It's only official though if I get up and go sit in my knitting chair to brush him. Brushing at the computer is tokenism at best. He especially likes it if I brush him while he eats. He positively gobbles his kibble if I brush him while he dines. Except, I'm never to brush his back legs. They're ticklish I guess.

I've had such a morning between brushing and internet connection that I'm really going to be late getting all the stuff done I need to get done before I leave for Skein. Even the most jaded of techies would have been excited by the number of problems I've had this morning. I lost count of how many blue screens I got, or of how many times my ISP disconnected or failed to connect. It is the weather? But I persisted and finally finished all my daily reads plus catching up on some that I only get to once in a while. No, I will not let a computer win. Well, not while I still have a little time to reboot.

I restarted the Backyard Leaves scarf yesterday. Only got about 15 rows done as I had too many students going all at once to really focus on the chart. I'm glad I got the Aurora 8 that the patterns calls for. Much better. I think I'll probably do most of the knitting on this scarf at home. You really have to pay attention on this one.

Read the new Knitting Vintage Socks book last night, except for the line by line instructions. Very enjoyable.

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